The Fearful Impact of Sin

This is a powerful quote. It really made me understand something important! I thought this would be an especially good one to share.

The results of each day’s work are influenced by the days that have preceded it. Defeat today prepares the way for still greater defeat tomorrow; victory today insures an easier victory tomorrow. And God will hold us accountable, not only for our words and deeds, in themselves, and in their effect upon others, but for their effect upon our own character and life. For all these he will bring us into judgment.

E.G. White, Review and Herald, January 13, 1891

As I read this quote, I realized more of how much of an impact my former life as a gamer has had on me. I already saw a little of this before, but now it is much clearer. As an example, I am more prone to thinking that, if I mess up today, I will just try to do better tomorrow. Like how, if you fail to beat a level in a game, you can just try again, and the worst that will happen is that you’ll beat the game with fewer achievements, coins, rings, or whatever. You could even avoid these pitfalls by hitting “reset” and trying the level again as if you never failed it at all.

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