On every hand there is that which would tempt the Christian to forsake the narrow way; but those who would perfect a character fit for eternity must take the will of God as their standard, separating entirely from everything that is displeasing to him.

E.G. White, Signs of the Times, 12/17/1896

Entire separation requires us to remove such things from our minds, as well. This is the most challenging thing of all; but I have experienced the power of the mind and can testify to this truth, that your mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. What you see in your mind is as real to you as what you see with your eyes and your body and subconscious will both respond to it as if it is real.

The devil did a good job corrupting my imagination with entertainment media for years before I finally gave my heart fully to the Lord. Now it is a daily battle not to let my mind drift back into the old habitual thought patterns. Praise God His grace is sufficient for me!

But, oh, my brothers and sisters, if you still allow any kind of fiction or other entertainment into your mind, please stop! You are programming your mind to be at enmity with God! It doesn’t matter if you “know” it isn’t real. Your subconscious does not know. Literally everything you see, taste, hear, etc. has the power to program your mind to be in harmony with God‘s will, or against it. Is your music programming you to be faithful or rebellious? How about your books? Your food? Or even your clothing? How you see yourself in the mirror affects how you perceive yourself in relation to both God and man, just as it affects others’ perception of who you are. Are you dressing like a child of the King?

Our only safety is to be shielded by the grace of God every moment, and not put out our own spiritual eyesight so that we will call evil, good, and good, evil. Without hesitation or argument, we must close and guard the avenues of the soul against evil.

E.G. White, 3 Testimonies, p. 324

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:24

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