This has been a very interesting week for Ricky and I, to say the least! This testimony will be really two testimonies in one.

Earlier this week, on the New Moon, we were rebaptized. (I won’t go into the reasons here.) We chose to do it at a local lake that we saw from the satellite view on Google Maps had a small beach. On the way, we got to see a rainbow, the sign of God‘s covenant, which we saw as a sign of His approval and blessing. 🙂

There was an issue with the wind, though, so when we first arrived, we explored around to see if there was a better spot. There was! A short distance from the main beach there was another mini beach that was more sheltered from the wind, but still enjoyed some sunshine. It was perfect. It took a while for us to find it, though. In the process of this time, I lost our keys!

Well, we couldn’t very well get baptized with the keys missing. Not only would we have trouble getting home; we couldn’t even get our towels, changes of clothes, etc. from the truck! So, we started to retrace our steps, looking for them. At first, we though it wouldn’t take long, because we knew more or less where we had gone. But it turns out that it wasn’t so easy after all. We searched for over an hour, maybe even two! It was getting toward sunset and we still hadn’t found them.

Add to this, is the issue with our cell phones. See, the cell phone with service is my husband’s. I use his old phone, which no longer has a connection to a network, just for some apps. I had my phone in my pocket out of habit mainly, but Ricky’s was locked in the truck! So, when we gave up and decided to get help, the only choice was to find reception and call 911. (You can call 911 with any phone, whether it has service or not.) It was a little embarrassing, but the man kindly called a tow truck for us.

While we were searching and after we made that call, there were spotty sunshowers. During one of them, as we waited it out under a tree, I remembered something important. We have been learning to praise and thank God in all things, even the seemingly bad things and the things we don’t understand. Well, this was a perfect opportunity to practise! I suggested we do it then, although we were troubled and worried that we wouldn’t be able to be baptized because of how late it would be by the time the tow truck arrived. So we praised God together and declared that we trusted Him to work things out for good.

After that, Ricky decided he might as well keep searching with my phone’s flashlight, specifically in an open area that I had wandered aimlessly across at one point. Lo and behold, he found the keys, right in the middle of that area!

Of course, we celebrated and praised GOD, and since it wasn’t quite dark yet, we went ahead with the baptism. By the time we had changed out of our wet clothes, it was so dark we had to use the phone flashlight to sign our church covenant and sing a hymn. But the air temperature was still quite fine and the stars were beautiful! Properly speaking, our baptism was during the evening twilight, which is also quite special. Plus, the wind had died down. It worked out just perfectly! And, thankfully, the tow truck was covered by AAA, so we didn’t have to worry about not having enough money on hand. Of course, it was quite late when we got back, but Ricky simply had fresh juice (cucumber-apple-lime) so we wouldn’t end up going to bed late.

But, wait, there’s more! 😀

The very next day, we went for a walk at our favourite spot, which goes through some woods and passes a beaver pond. That evening, I was unable to find Ricky’s cell phone. The next morning, we still couldn’t find it. The last time we had been aware of having it was at the end of that walk, just before reaching the car. Ricky thought maybe he had accidentally left it on top of the car and it had fallen off when we drove away. So we search all along the road in the ditches, but couldn’t find it. Yesterday, he concluded (based on a couple pieces of evidence) that someone probably stole it after finding it on the road.

So, a process ensued that I won’t go into detail on, but suffice it to say that Ricky discovered a couple ways that we could save a lot of money on both phone and internet, and get a faster internet connection to boot! The only downside was needing to replace the phone. But we were already thanking GOD for letting us lose the phone, since such benefit was coming from it.

Or did we lose it? 🙂 On that phone, I have an alarm that goes off just before Sabbath begins, which plays a recording of a shofar. Well, didn’t we hear that alarm going off! It took a few seconds to register that this was Ricky’s supposedly stolen phone that we were hearing! We quickly hunted it down and discovered that it had fallen under some things and that was why we hadn’t found it.

My brothers and sisters, God truly does work all things together for our good! We just need to trust Him, and especially we need to praise and thank Him!

We do not pray any too much, but we are too sparing of giving thanks. If the loving-kindness of God called forth more thanksgiving and praise, we would have far more power in prayer. We would abound more and more in the love of God and have more bestowed to praise Him for. You who complain that God does not hear your prayers, change your present order and mingle praise with your petitions. When you consider His goodness and mercies you will find that He will consider your wants.

E.G. White, 5 Testimonies, p. 317

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