Recently, my husband did a little studying, comparing the terms godliness and piety. The meanings are almost identical, yet the common usages led him to prefer piety. Although I am not sure that I generally prefer piety myself, it is a good word nonetheless! In the process of looking at what Sister White says about it, he came across these two quotes equating piety with power. I really loved them and decided to share. May they be a blessing to you!

If we are obedient children of Christ, we shall show our love to him, and to his children; for all who seek to imitate the lovely Pattern, will reflect the moral image of God. Christ is soon coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Who is getting ready for that grand and awful event? Angels of God are watching the development of human character, and weighing moral worth. It is for our own interest that we put away our sins. The Bible and its principles must be brought into practical contact with the conscience; and where divine truths are accepted and loved, they will develop in man whatever is needful to adorn his character, to dignify his nature, and to fit him for a home among the angels. Piety is power. Sin is weakness and ruin. We are looking for the Saviour. We want to be like him when he shall appear; and “every man that hath this hope in him, purifieth himself, even as he is pure.”

E.G. White, Review and Herald, October 9, 1888

The truth of the third angel’s message is bound to triumph, and those who purify their souls from all defilement will triumph with it. When the human agent will give up his own important ideas in regard to himself, when he will bear in mind that he is working in sight of the universe of heaven, then his piety will be sweet and fragrant. It will not be of that kind which tastes so strong of the dish (his own human feelings and attributes). True piety is power, but sin is the weakness and ruin of the souls who claim to be Christians.

E.G. White, Letter 108, 1898

Yours in the Way,

The Minnesota Warrior

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